Out of the flatlands and back into the Northeast

Posted on 27 May 2010

Another 600 miles today, that puts me at 7200 miles total for the trip so far. I got a slow start this morning, but got into a groove and made my way across Indiana, into Michigan then Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York. I’m now in Bath, which is in the Finger lakes region in upstate New York. Nothing really spectacular to report today, most of this is familiar territory that I have ridden through before, but it is nice to be out of the flatlands and back into states with more interesting riding.

My bike has a huge gas tank by motorcycle standards, it is just over 9 gallons, and with mileage of 42MPG or thereabouts, 360 to 400 miles per tank is quite possible. As I was pulling into the hotel tonight it occurred to me that I hadn’t got out of the saddle in some 450 miles, about 8 or 9 hours, as at the one stop this afternoon I had gassed up while still sitting on the bike. It’s no wonder my rear end hurts at this point.


The picture above shows the effects of 7000 plus miles of mainly straight line riding on a motorcycle tire, what was one a nice rounded profile tire is now quite badly squared off, all the wear has been in the middle of the tread. It’s no quite at the point where the bike will stand up on it’s own, but the handling is strange, very stable in a straight line, but twitchy in corners.

The basic plan for this trip, such as it was, was to try to ride in as many states as possible while making my way to and from New Orleans. Here’s  a map of the states I have ridden in so far;


As you can see i have ridden through a fair portion of the country, but there is a section in the Northeast that I can still fill in, fortunately the states are small and close together, so with another 700 miles I should be able to pick up Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and then head for home. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, but there’s a chance I can be home late tomorrow night.

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