Through Wisconsin

Posted on 26 May 2010

I covered about 650 miles today through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and into Indiana. I booked a hotel in South Bend Indiana before I left Duluth this morning and in hindsight that was a bit ambitious. I wanted to get around Chicago today and I got that done did butt it was a long day.

This morning in Duluth was simply glorious, beautiful blue skies and a great view out over Lake Superior.  I went by Aerostich and they quickly replace the troublesome zipper on my suit while I picked up a few items to make the rest of the trip home a little more pleasant. It was then off into Wisconsin, which is a state I really enjoy travelling through as there is a rich variety of countryside. it is America’s Dairyland, so there is a lot of dairy farming, but there is a fair amount of beautiful rolling hills and in places it reminded me of riding through the English countryside.


As you can see i have accumulated a pretty good bug collection on my windshield, but I hit a brief but heavy thunderstorm this afternoon which washed some of the worst of that off, so it looks a little better now. After the rain, I realized that it was almost 6PM, I was still 100 miles north of Chicago and the GPS was saying I would arrive in South Bend at close to Midnight. I had already covered 450 miles and the thought of making my way through Chicago on surface streets filled me with dread, so I made the decision to hop on the interstate to make better time, which shaved about two hours off the trip.

Tomorrow I need to make a quick detour to get into Michigan, and then it is off to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I’ve had a few comments from people before and during the trip from people who think I am nuts to undertake a trip like this alone on a motorcycle, whereas to me it really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. During my travels I have seen two people walking across the country for one cause or another and a couple on recumbent bicycles out in the middle of nowhere. It’s all a matter or perspective, but as far as I am concerned, those guys are doing something meaningful and significant, all I have do to is sit down and twist the throttle.

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