Turning for home

Posted on 25 May 2010

Another 600 miles today. I headed out of Sioux City Iowa, back in Nebraska then up through South Dakota and into North Dakota before making the turn to start heading east and back to home. The weather was cloudy much of the day, less windy and about 15 degrees cooler so the riding was much more pleasant.

Fairly unremarkable day all in all, i did manage to get myself and the GPS confused while trying to find Gas and a place to eat in South Dakota. At one point the GPS said “When possible make a U-Turn and then make a U-Turn” I’m not sure what it had in mind, but I ignored it and it sorted itself out eventually. Here’s a self portrait taken at just about the turning point in North Dakota


I’m now in Duluth Minnesota for the night. Why Duluth? Well it is home to Aerostich who make the riding suit I wear and sell a multitude of other motorcycle paraphernalia. I don’t need much of an excuse to visit, but I did have problems with one of the leg zippers on the suit while I was in New Orleans so I’ll see if they can fix that tomorrow and then it’s south towards Chicago.

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