Heading North

Posted on 23 May 2010

I’ve been checking the weather this morning, and while it doesn’t look as though there is any rain or extreme weather I need to worry about, it also looks like there is no escaping the heat. It has been in the low 90’s here in Louisiana the last few days, and after a long day of work it has been really tough to put on my full armored riding gear, gloves, boots etc for the ride home in stop and go traffic. Wearing all that gear in the direct sun is extremely hot, but you have to dress for the crash not for the ride so as difficult as it has been at times, I have been wearing all the gear all the time.

I was hoping that if I headed north from here I could hit some cooler air which would make for more pleasant riding, but it looks like Mother Nature has other plans. Even as far north as Fargo North Dakota is supposed to be in the Eighties so it looks like I will be riding in the heat for the next few days.

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